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We specialise in Situation Management Solutions addressing Security, Safety and Business Continuity aspects. By providing this expertise, our objective is to Secure our Customers’ Business Continuity.

Situation Management is a comprehensive approach converging the interaction between people, alerting sources and response actions.

It offers an Incident Centric Workflow between People, Technologies and Procedures through a Unified Monitoring and Control of all Systems using a single platform.

Our Solution is based on Situator™ from Orsus.

Darlot Consulting are representing Orsus in Australia, New Zealand and in the
Asia Pacific Region.

Quality Assurance and Automation Testing for Software and Hardware in an Embedded Environment are becoming an increasing challenge for Test management and quality assurance professionals. Product development cycles are shortening, development processes are increasingly complex and there is continuous pressure for faster, cheaper solutions and compliance with quality standards.

Increasingly, products combine both hardware and software components.

The Challenge is to test the software features while ensuring the hardware’s functionality, so that both software and hardware components work seamlessly together.

Our Solution is based on TestShell from QualiSystems.

TestShell is a suite of software applications for functional test management and quality control through the entire product lifecycle.

Darlot Consulting are representing QualiSystems in Australia, New Zealand and in the Asia Pacific Region.

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